Why leave a text message when you can send your voice? Only with Voicine!

Watch Voicine in action here and here!

Everybody has wanted to leave a quick text message, email or social media post with their friend but most of the time it takes longer to write and post it than it does to read. What if there was a simple way you could just speak your update and send that to your friends or colleagues through email or even on their Facebook profile?voice mail

Here comes Voicine - the mobile voice recording and sending app for the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or Android!
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Voicine is easy to use. Simply open the app, select record and speak your message! Don’t worry, you can re record it if you want to as many times as you wish. Once you are happy, you can upload your message securely to the cloud. Then you can share your message with your friends, colleagues, clients or whoever. Your recipients don’t need to have app installed. As long as they have email you can reach them and they can hear what you sent them!
voice mail service

If you are in a bad mobile area, you can communicate back and forth with vocal messages as if you were having a telephone conversation!

Let’s say you want to send a greeting to your friends at Christmas, new year, Eastern or some other occasion. Or it is your friend’s birthday and you rather to say happy birthday to your friend with your voice instead of typing cold text! This is the app for you.

Voicine has a simple and stunning interface and is improving all the time. Available to download now for free from the Apple iTunes Store or Google play, Voicine will work on any Apple device running iOS 7.1 or later as well as Android.

Speak your mind or your heart to your friends in minutes and forget about cumbersome typing and texting with Voicine - the voice recording app that sends your voice wherever you want it to go!voice mail service